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Credit Unions Are Better

Credit unions are regulated financial institutions, much like a bank. But there are some important differences that make credit unions better.

  • Credit unions are owned by the members. If you have an account at HOPE, you are a member and you have an equal voice in a democratically controlled organization.
  • Credit unions are not-for-profit organizations. That means it is run for the benefit of the members and not for a small group of shareholders.
  • Credit unions return earnings to the members in the form of higher dividends, lower loan rates, and free or low-cost services.


When you hear the word “member” or “membership” when talking about credit unions, you may wonder what that means to you. Most credit unions have some requirement about where people live or work to join. HOPE has a very broad field of membership. Anyone who believes in HOPE’s mission of strengthening communities, building assets, and improving lives can join. The cost for a membership is just $10 ($5 for Hope Credit Union and $5 for the sponsoring organization, Hope Enterprise Corporation).


Almost all credit unions offer federal insurance, just like a bank. All HOPE depositors are federally insured for up to $250,000 by the National Credit Union Administration, an agency of the US government.
You can feel confident that HOPE will protect your funds now and in the future. We have a 20-year track record of financial performance and are examined by federal regulators each year.


HOPE provides plenty of ways to access your funds and manage your money. We also offer an option that banks don’t: shared branching. HOPE is part of a coalition of credit unions across the country that allows members from other institutions to do business using their branches. That means you can walk into a shared branching location from New York to California and take care of almost any financial need just like you were at HOPE.

You can manage your funds using any of the following:

  • HOPE Branch
  • Shared Branching Network (5,000 Locations Nationwide)
  • Cash Back at Point of Sale
  • Free HOPENet Online Banking
  • Free HOPE Mobile Banking¹
  • Free HOPE24 Telephone Banking
  • Debit, ATM, and Credit Cards

So when you add it all up, HOPE (and credit unions in general) are a great choice for helping you make the most of your money.

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¹Wireless carrier messaging and data rates may apply.


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