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HOPE Mobile – User Guide – Transfers

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Learn how to move your money from one HOPE account to another.

  • Select the “New Transfer” menu option to make a transfer from one HOPE account to another.
  • Use the arrows in the “From” and “To” sections to designate the accounts for the transfer.
  • Enter the amount you want to transfer.

HOPE Mobile - 5.1 - Transfers - Main

  • Designate a frequency and schedule if you want the transfer to be made on a regular basis, and choose a date on which the transaction will be made.
  • Add any notes to provide details about the transfer in the “Notes” section.
  • Tap “Next” when you have finished setting up your transfer and are ready to finalize it.

HOPE Mobile - 5.3 - Transfers - Frequency

  • Review the details of your transaction for accuracy. If everything is correct, select “Submit” to initiate the transfer.

HOPE Mobile - 5.4 - Transfers - Submit

  • Use the “History” sub menu to see transactions that have already been made between your accounts.

HOPE Mobile - 5.5 - Transfers - History

  • Select the “Scheduled” tab to see any transfers that are set to take place in the future. From this tab you can also initiate a transfer or cancel a previously scheduled transaction.

HOPE Mobile - 5.6 - Transfers - Schedule


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