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Get all the latest news about products, services, and programs. Printed copies are distributed in our quarterly statements and available at our local branch and office locations.

HOPENotes - Spring 2015

  • The Road to Homeownership
  • E-Statement Reminder
  • Report from the Annual Members Meeting
  • Protect Yourself Against Financial Scams
  • Youth Financial Literacy Month


HOPENotes - Winter 2015

  • Two New Locations to Serve You!
  • New Year, New Financial Habits
  • End Post-Holiday Financial Blues with a Home Equity Loan
  • Protect Yourself from Scams this Tax Season
  • Credit Card Convenience - Apply Online Today
  • HOPE for Consumers
  • 2015 Members Meeting and Board Candidates Announced


 HOPENotes - Fall 2014

  • HOPE Receives ALC "Platforms for Prosperity" Award
  • HOPE Mobile 4.0 Is Here
  • Got a Friend? Get a Loan!
  • Pay Bills Online - Less Time, Less Effort
  • HOPE for the Holiday Season
  • Stories of HOPE
  • Realize the Dream of Owning a Business
  • HOPE Opens New Branch in Terry, MS
  • Need a Break? A HOPE Loan Can Pay for Your Vacation
  • Need a Ride? A HOPE Auto Loan Can Get You There
  • Can't Get to the Branch? It's in Your Hand!
  • Members Getting New Credit Cards, Rewards Program
  • New Product Lets You Borrow and Save
  • HOPE Recognized for Member Advocacy

HOPENotes - April 2014
  • HOPE Goes Home to Celebrate 20 Years
  • Get Rewarded with a HOPE Checking Account
  • HOPENet's Automatic Transfer Feature Makes Life Easier
  • HOPE Mortgages Make the Dream of Homeownership a Reality
  • HOPE Coming to Terry, Misississippi

HOPENotes - January 2014
  • HOPE Celebrates 20 Years of Changing Lives Across the Mid South
  • 2014 HOPE Members Meeting and Board Candidates Announced
  • Trim Expenses in the New Year with a Debt Consolidation Loan
  • Bynum, HOPE Win McNulty Prize for Leadership, Innovation
  • HOPE Opens Prototype Branch in Pine Bluff
  • HOPE Credit Cards Mean Great Options and Low Rates


HOPENotes - October 2013

  • Last Chance at Colossal Cash
  • Take a Week to Celebrate International Credit Union Day
  • Want to Open a New Account? Skip the Branch!
  • More Great Features in HOPE Mobile 3.0
  • Helping Farmers Build Brighter Futures
  • Growing Relationships With Rainbow Co-op
  • Your Privacy Is Important to Us


HOPENotes - July 2013

  • Refer a Friend to HOPE for a Chance to Win Colossal Cash
  • Stay Cool with Hot Rates
  • HOPE Launches New Financial Counseling and Education Tool for Members
  • Smooth Sailing with HOPENet Enhancements
  • Upgraded HOPENet Bill Pay Offers Variety of New Benefits
  • MSCUA Honors HOPE for Supporting Credit Union Industry
  • TruStage: Insurance the Credit Union Way

HOPENotes - April 2013

  • Deposit That Check Right Now!
  • Big Savings with Low Rates
  • Do Five Things at Once with E-Statements
  • Don't Leave Money on the Table
  • HOPE Members Gather to Hear Successes, Future Plans
  • HOPE Mobile: Same App, 35,000 New Locations
  • Get a Home Loan with a Little Something Extra

HOPENotes - January 2013

  • Welcome to Your New HOPE Branch
  • 2013 Membership Meeting Scheduled
  • Roll Into the New Year
  • What Can HOPE Mobile Do for You?
  • Have a Check? Phone It In.
  • Some HOPEAnytime Debit Card Transactions Restricted In Certain States


HOPENotes - October 2012

  • Are You Paying for a Checking Account or Is It Paying You?
  • Get the Most for Your Money with a Personal Loan from HOPE
  • HOPE CEO Named Vice Chair of Financial Protection Advisory Board
  • Protect Your Money: Beware of Fake Requests for Account Information
  • Enjoy the Freedom and Flexibility of HOPENet
  • HOPE Buys Lunch at Cafe Eclectic
  • Special Programs for Struggling Homeowners
  • Your Privacy Is Important to Us


HOPENotes - July 2012

  • HOPE Makes Significant Commitment to Creating Opportunity in Mid South
  • Utica Residents Welcome New HOPE Branch
  • Families Celebrate Coming Home in Central City
  • Make Checking Easy at HOPE
  • Do You Want Some Kasasa for Your Fries?
  • Make It Personal - DYOC
  • Identity Theft Insurance: Is It Right for You
  • Membership Meeting Reviews 2011, Looks Ahead
  • Put Financing Worries in Your Rear View Mirror
  • Utica Residents Will Get New HOPE Branch
  • HOPE24 Gets Makeover
  • Three Ways E-Statements Are Better
  • Vote, Give, Grow with Starbucks
  • Homebuyers Have Options for Smaller Loans
  • Find HOPE Nationwide


HOPENotes - January 2012

  • New Kasasa Giving Account
  • Want Jobs with Your Coffee?
  • Members Enjoy New Privilege at HOPE
  • Tax Time and Savings
  • 2012 Members Meeting Notice
  • Protect Yourself from Scams


HOPENotes - October 2011

  • Edwards/Utica Expansion
  • HOPE Launches New Android App
  • Defending Against Identity Theft
  • Privacy Notice
  • Protecting Assets with Members Insurance


HOPENotes - July 2011

  • HOPE Awarded NeighborWorks(R) Membership
  • HOPE Social Media Sites
  • Make It Personal: Design Your Own HOPE MasterCard
  • Understanding Your Credit Score
  • Sign Up for New E-Statements


HOPENotes - April 2011

  • HOPE Holds Annual Membership Meeting
  • Member Connect Insurance Program
  • New Kasasa Cash and Saver Accounts
  • Identity Theft Insurance
  • Regional HOPE Initiatives


HOPENotes - January 2011

  • Get Help Filing Your 2010 Tax Returns
  • Get a Refund Anticipation Loan Without Getting Taken
  • HOPE Expands into Eastern Mississippi
  • ECD Becomes Hope Enterprise Corporation
  • In Tough Times, HOPE Can Help
  • HOPE Annual Membership Meeting Announced


HOPENotes – October 2010

  • HOPE Expands Service with East Central Federal Credit Union Merger
  • Defend Yourself Against Identity Theft
  • Make the Most Out of Your Investment with a Home Equity Loan
  • Relationship Pricing Rewards You for Your HOPE Business
  • Privacy Notice Disclosure


HOPENotes – July 2010

  • Take credit with the new HOPE Platinum MasterCard
  • Your credit report: It pays to stay informed
  • HOPE Mortgages Make the Dream of Homeownership a Reality
  • HOPE membership votes on field membership, charter changes
  • Finances on the go with HOPE Mobile Banking


HOPENotes – April 2010

  • ECD/HOPE holds annual membership meeting
  • HOPENet upgraded
  • Tap into the value of your home with a HOPE Equity Loan
  • Avoiding Foreclosure: Know Your Options
  • Identity theft insurance: Is it right for you?


HOPENotes – January 2010

  • Get help with tax returns and e-file your taxes for free
  • New and improved HOPENet Online Banking and HOPENet Plus with Bill Pay
  • Get a Refund Anticipation Loan without getting taken
  • Protect your account information from phishing scams
  • Members meeting announced


















Our regular report cards highlight program news and provide data about ECD/HOPE's recent program and lending activity. Select the ones that interest you and view them online or download them for review at a later time.

HOPE Report Card – May/June 2014

  • Mortgage Lending Update
  • HOPE Opens New Branch in Terry
  • HOPE, Habitat Celebrate NeighborWorks Week
  • Treasury Official Highlights HOPE's Work Before Congress
  • President Clinton Lifts Up HOPE's Work in Bank Deserts
  • MEPC Called On to Testify About Small-Dollar Loans

HOPE Report Card – September/October 2013

  • Consumer Lending Update
  • Partnership Grant Creates Low-Income Housing Opportunities
  • Growing Relationships with Rainbow Co-op
  • New Online Application Lets Members Skip the Branch
  • Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Visits Mississippi

HOPE Report Card – July/August 2013

  • Commercial Lending Update
  • HOPE Works to Assist Thousands Receiving USDA Windfall
  • CDFI Fund Presents HOPE with $1.3 Million Grant
  • MEPC Advances Policy Issues

HOPE Report Card – May/June 2013

  • Mortgage Lending Update
  • Refresh Project Breaks Ground with Financing from Fresh Food Initiative
  • Bringing HOPE to Underserved Areas with Technology
  • HOPE Earns MSCUA Advocacy Award
  • MEPC Addresses Economic Benefits of Medicaid Expansion with Lawmakers
  • HOPE Impact Report Now Available

HOPE Report Card – March/April 2013

  • Consumer Lending Update
  • National PBS Show Features HOPE And Savings Program
  • HOPE Says "Home Matters"
  • HOPE Informs Policy Solutions at National and Local Levels
  • $25 Million in Tax Credits Awarded to HOPE

HOPE Report Card – January/February 2013

  • Commercial Lending Update
  • HOPE Sets Lending Record in Struggling Economy
  • Two More Grocers Benefit from FFRI Financing

  • Mobile App Upgrade Adds More Than 35,000 Locations

  • HOPE Promoting Effective Policy Solutions at National and Local Levels

HOPE Report Card – November/December 2012

  • Mortgage Lending Update
  • New Mobile App Puts the Power of a Branch in the Palm of Your Hand
  • New Report: Foundation Investments in HOPE Spur Job Creation, Millions in Economic Activity

  • MEPC Addresses Economic Benefits of Medicaid Expansion with Lawmakers

  • FFRI Funds the Return of the Circle Food Store to New Orleans

HOPE Report Card – September/October 2012

  • Consumer Lending Update

  • Strategic Programs Help Build Mid South

  • Create Jobs for USA Funds HOPE Business Lending

  • HOPE Briefs Senate Lawmakers on the African-American Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

  • MEPC Conference Highlights Solutions for Critical Policy Issues

HOPE Report Card – July/August 2012

  • Commercial Lending Update

  • HOPE CEO Named Vice Chair of Financial Protection Advisory Board

  • New South Mississippi Clinic Opens with Tax Credit Financing from HOPE

  • Special Programs for Struggling Homeowners

HOPE Report Card – May/June 2012

  • Mortgage Lending Update

  • HOPE Makes Significant Commitment to Combat Bank Deserts, Promote Financial Inclusion

  • Utica Residents Get New HOPE Branch
  • Children Building Assets for College, Future

HOPE Report Card – March/April 2012

  • Consumer Lending Update

  • Hallelujah Housing Brings People Home

  • Predatory Lending Bill Defeated

  • HOPE Impact Report Now Available

  • HOPE at White House Cooperative Briefing

  • Local Grocery Co-op Receives Financing

HOPE Report Card – January/February 2012

  • Commercial Lending Update

  • Utica Residents Get New HOPE Branch

  • Homebuyers Have Options for Smaller Loans

  • Report Reveals Stagnation in Workforce Wages

  • International Site Highlights HOPE Projects

  • Kasasa Lets You Get While You Give

HOPE Report Card – November/December 2011

  • Consumer Lending Update

  • Strong Demand, Partnerships Fuel Edwards/Utica Growth

  • Members Enjoy New Privilege at HOPE

  • HOPE Approved as SBA Community Advantage Lender

  • Chef John Besh and HOPE Support Local Farmers

  • HOPE is Important Part of Blueprint Mississippi


Press Releases


Your Money for Nothin' and Your Kicks for Free



ECD/HOPE CEO Participates in White House Job Creation Summit



Assistance Available to Jackson Area Homeowners Facing Foreclosure



ECD/HOPE CEO Participates in White House Meeting on Economic Stimulus

In The Press


Your Money for Nothin' and Your Kicks for Free

HOPE is featured in a blog about the Shared Branching Network and the Central City Neighborhood where the New Orleans branch is located.



ECD/HOPE CEO Participates in White House Job Creation Summit

Our CEO was one of 12 leaders of small banks who met with President Obama today to discuss lending issues.




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