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Ethoca Card Alerts

New Ethoca Alert System Helps Protect HOPE Members from Fraud

HOPE is always looking for ways to protect members from fraud and wants to provide tools that will help safeguard their accounts. With the increase in unauthorized purchases online, HOPE will be taking advantage of a new fraud alert system offered by one of our vendors.

Beginning October 1, 2019, The Ethoca alert system will notify member-owners of any purchase online or when a card is not present. When these transactions occur, the account holder will receive a notification via text message, phone call, and email asking him or her to provide a response if the transaction was not authorized. Members may opt out of the text message notification.

This new process can help prevent fraudulent transactions from taking place, and if unauthorized funds are taken out of an account, it can help to recover the money more quickly and easily. If a member identifies a transaction as fraudulent, the company processing the transaction can often take action immediately to prevent the purchase from being completed.

Not all merchants participate in the network, but there are currently more than 6,600 businesses that are using the service. Members who identify activity as fraudulent in a timely manner when funds have been withdrawn from an account will receive a refund directly from the merchant, which eliminates the need for additional steps and paperwork for both the credit union and members.

All card-not-present transactions are included in the alert process; there is no minimum purchase amount for to trigger the alerting system. When a transaction is reported as fraudulent, HOPE will block that card and a new card will need to be issued. If a member mistakenly reports a transaction as fraudulent, they will need to contact HOPE to notify the credit union to unblock the card and will then need to make the purchase again.

Please contact your local branch or our Member Service Center at 1-866-321-4673 if you need assistance.