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HOPE Smart Money PFM

HOPE wants to give our members the tools they need to be successful. One great way we’ve done that is with our Smart Money PFM (Personal Financial Manager).

HOPE would love to earn all your business, but we know that it is very common to have a number of accounts at different financial institutions. Smart Money gives you the power to manage all of your finances through an integrated online site. You can:

  • Save time – See all of your accounts in one place (even those at more than 12,000 other financial institutions).
  • Avoid fees – A cash-flow calendar helps you see your available funds so you can be prepared to pay bills on time.
  • Easily Create Budgets – Your Smart Money management tool can quickly create a budget that is uniquely yours and fits your lifestyle.
  • Track Spending – You are in control with Smart Money. Receive account alerts by email or text when particular account balances change, transactions to a specific retailer occur or when you are close to exceeding a budget category. No need to login to home banking constantly to track activity… Smart Money will keep you informed.
  • Set and Monitor Goals – Visually track your progress, make reaching your financial goals quick and easy. With Smart Money you can create savings goals, like vacations or debt reduction.
  • Build Wealth – No need to keep manually updating a spreadsheet. The Smart Money Net Worth tool does the work for you and helps you quickly add all of your assets and debts to show you an up-to-date estimate of your net worth.

Experience the HOPE Smart Money PFM for yourself by exploring our customized demo site. You may enter any email (including a fake one) when prompted.

Learn more about our HOPE Smart Money PFM from our Frequently Asked Questions.

If you’re ready to start using it to build a brighter financial future, log in to the new HOPENet site and start setting your budget and goals today.