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Community Development

HOPE is a community development financial institution, community development intermediary and policy institute that provides affordable financial services; leverages private, public and philanthropic resources; and engages in policy analysis in order to fulfill its mission of strengthening communities, building assets, and improving lives in economically distressed parts of the Deep South. HOPE’s community development goals include:

  • Promoting job creation, retention, and advancement;
  • Stimulating entrepreneurship and business development;
  • Fostering asset development among low- and moderate-income individuals and families;
  • Increasing opportunities for homeownership and the creation of affordable housing; and
  • Strengthening infrastructure that enables Deep South businesses and workers to successfully compete in the new economy.

HOPE accomplishes these goals by focusing its partnership, leveraging, investment and technical assistance activities on the development of small businesses, housing, and community facilities. HOPE also draws from its program implementation experience to inform policy makers about best practices and lessons learned to expand the impact of its work region-wide. HOPE provides quality financial products and services through Hope Credit Union to families and communities throughout the Deep South to help them purchase a home, launch a business, send their children to college or save from their future.

By engaging in these strategies, HOPE provides organizations and communities with the tools to improve the quality of life for Deep South residents.