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Resources for Immigrants and Allies

The following is provided as information for HOPE members who are navigating various immigration issues:

Immigration and Travel Resources, Arizona State University
This list provides must-know information and tips for immigrants across the country.

DACA applicant and recipient data, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services
This chart provides data about the numbers of DACA applicants and recipients overall, and broken down by nationality.

Memo on Legal Rights of Undocumented Students, EducationCounsel
This memo outlines the settled rights of students, regardless of immigration status, to equal access to public education. Do you qualify to stay in the U.S.?, Immigrant Advocates Network
This tool helps immigrants determine their eligibility for remaining in the United States.

Resources 101: Important Info for Immigrants & Allies,
Carefully curated and easy-to-search information on advocacy campaigns, mental health, immigrant rights, and much more. Spanish version.

FAQ: Updated Guidance for DACA Recipients,
Answers to 14 urgent questions around work permits, ICE enforcement, and status. Spanish version.

FAQ: Know Your Rights,
Answers to questions about undocumented immigrant rights under the current administration. Spanish version.