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Community Facilities

The HOPE Community Facilities Loan Program provides financing to public entities or nonprofit organizations in rural areas for them to acquire, build or renovate essential community facilities in high-poverty and persistent poverty areas in Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi and Tennessee.

The program builds on HOPE’s decades of success in this type of community development lending. HOPE has supported 50 community facilities, providing more than $52 million in financing. These facilities provide thousands of jobs and serve tens of thousands of people annually. Community health centers, clinics, rural hospitals, schools, nonprofit organizations, and other critical community facilities play a vital role in the economies of communities and in the lives of working families and children.


Eligible applicants must be either public entities (such as counties, boroughs, cities or townships) or nonprofit organizations with ties to the local community. The project must be located in or serve a rural area, city or town with 20,000 or fewer people.

Examples of eligible projects are:

  • Healthcare facilities;
  • Educational facilities;
  • Nonprofit facilities;
  • Fire and rescue facilities; and
  • Municipal facilities.