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School Financing

HOPE is committed to supporting initiatives that improve educational opportunities available to low-income and low-wealth families and that give students the tools and resources that they need to succeed in the Deep South. HOPE’s Charter School Facilities Fund is designed to strengthen charter schools in the Deep South region of Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi and Tennessee by providing financing and technical assistance for quality affordable facilities to ensure that children in some of the most distressed communities in the United States have access to quality education in well equipped, modern school facilities. The fund is facilitating the investment of at least $70 million over five years in the acquisition, rehabilitation and new construction of charter school facilities that will serve low-income families and distressed communities throughout the Deep South.

For more information contact: Michael Stimpfel, Vice President of Education Financing, Community and Economic Development, 504-585-2855.

Rhythm and Arithmetic in New Orleans, LA, a HOPE School Financing Success Story