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EMV Chip Cards

HOPE EMV Platinum Rewards CardHOPE is always working to bring the highest level of security to our members and protect them from fraudulent activity. As part of that initiative, we are now issuing HOPE Platinum Visa, Anytime Debit, and Choice cards with EMV chip technology.

  • This tiny chip provides greater fraud protection by creating a unique code for each transaction.
  • Chip cards are harder to counterfeit.
  • With chip cards, members will be ready as more and more merchants in the U.S. and around the world switch to the new EMV standard.

Using Your Card

  • Whenever a merchant has a chip-enabled credit card terminal, be sure to use it for the highest available level of fraud protection.
  • Simply insert the card into the terminal instead of swiping it. Leave the card in the terminal until the transaction is complete.
  • If a merchant does not have a chip-enabled terminal, you can still use the magnetic stripe by swiping the card.