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Transformational Deposit Rates


If you are a socially responsible investor who would like to see your money make a difference, you may be interested in our Transformational Deposits. This product – a share certificate deposit (the credit union equivalent of a certificate of deposit) – allows your deposit to work deeper to create opportunities for more people and communities across the Deep South. As a mission-oriented, federally regulated depository institution, you will know your investment is well managed, both for you and the communities we serve. Below are these special rates.

You can see how your support makes a differences for families and communities across the Deep South by checking out our latest Impact Report or Quarterly Report. You may also want to learn more about other ways to support our work.

For assistance with your Transformational Deposits, call our Investor Relations Department at 1-866-843-3358, extension 8307 or email us at

1Rates are subject to change. Fees could reduce earnings.
2Early withdrawal penalties apply to all certificate accounts.